Diablo III Demon Hunter Build – Perfect Demon Hunter Builds For Solo And Group

Are you playing as a Demon Hunter and want to learn the best builds to dominate your enemies? Well, if you want to learn how to properly build your character so you are not rendered useless on the battlefield, here are two builds that I put together that have worked for me rather well.

Build # 1 – For Group Play

The first build that I will be showing you focuses on disables and crowd controlling. While the Demon Hunter is usually played as a damage source, I found that support the group with CC is proven to be very effective.

To start this build, what you will want to do with your primaries is Bola Shot with Obsidian rune stone and Entangling shot with Crimson rune stone. Your main, like the focus of this build is put together so that you have a 35% chance of stunning enemies while also giving you the ability to slow targets before they reach you.

Next, you will want to choose Marked for Death. Like I said in the beginning, the Demon Hunter is a good DPS class. This skill will be very beneficial to you and your team when fighting difficult monsters or bosses. Now take Sentry right after you have Marked for Death. This will allow you to buff yourself or an ally so that you can take more damage and sustain longer on the battlefield. Vault is the final spell that you will want to take. This is mainly for your own survival and to get out of dangerous and life threatening situations.

Now, the passive skills that you will want to get must compliment the spells that you have chosen for your build. For the passives, get Cull The Weak to enhance Entangling Shot, Fundamental for an increased amount of Hatred and Tactical Advantage to improve Vault.

Build # 2 – For Soloing

The second Demon Hunter build that I will describe to you is focused around soloing and AOE. To start off, your main skills that you should acquire first is Multishot and Rain of Vengeance. These are the two most powerful AOE skills that you will have throughout the game. As for runes, get the Smokescreen rune stone and the Obsidian rune stone.

These rune stones will compliment your first two AOE skills in that you will have an option to escape a situation whenever you need it as well as a Hatred generator to allow you to spam your https://reelammunition.com/product/subsonic-300-blackout/ spells. Next, what you will want to get is Bola Shot. This is a vital skill to have as it generates Hatred rather quickly for you when used. Lastly, what you will want to get is Vault. It is always good to have a skill that will allow you to get out of dangerous situations quickly.

As for passive skills, what you will want to get to compliment your active skills is Tactical Advantage, Archery and Brooding. Let me explain why I chose these passives. Tactical Advantage gives a speed boost of 60%, which will allow you to increase the distance between you and enemies for further sustainability. Archery will give you a weapon bonus, which will allow you to deal extra damage to mobs to quickly clear them. And the last passive, Brooding gives a nice amount of hit point regeneration for further sustainability on the battlefield.


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