Differentiation Between Screw and Bolt

What is a bolt? And what is a screw? We have found that they are definitely similar to each other. Some types of fasteners are called screw bolts, too. In reality, they are both the fasteners to hold objects together and to position objects. Generally speaking, both of them have a helical ridge wrapped around a cylinder. In fact, there is no universally accepted distinction between a screw and a bolt. But it is true that they do have their own specifications.

A screw always has a head on one end. You can turn or driven the head with a particular screwdriver or wrench. Machine screws rise to be a popular one. They are frequently used to be driven into tapped holes. It is certain that the range of the diameters should be wide and elaborate to meet various demands. As the screw is to achieve the function of fixing or connection by being turned into an object, the head should be a little larger to provide a bearing surface which does keep the screw from being driven deeper than the length of the screw itself. There are exceptions. Some particular screws do have smaller heads for special use, such as set screws.Lag screws for wood  And the majority of screws are tightened by clockwise rotation from the sufficient consideration of people’s action habits. But there exist screws tightened by counterclockwise rotation in exceptional cases, such as the screws worked under anticlockwise forces.

A bolt is the same as a screw which is a threaded faster designed for insertion through hole in assembled parts. But it achieves the tightening by rotating a suited nut. In fact, various nuts are designed for the required specifications. And at the common situations, a bolt holds a larger head than the body itself except the carriage bolts, J-bolts and other bolts. Apart from these, commonly, screws are generally tapered and bolts are not. Although the bolt and screw are similar of appearances at most cases, they do hold difference on some aspects. Thus, they are divided into different categories. Let’s take hex cap screws and hex bolts for example. Hex cap screws are very similar to hex bolts. But they are different as the different tighter tolerances.

Do not recognize the two kinds of fasteners through appearances. According to the effects and employment fields, we can infer more. They do have many similar points, but do choose the right one to the right place.



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