Halo 4 Requiem Walkthrough, How to Complete Mission 2 Alone on Legendary

Part 1: Requiem

This mission is considerably harder and longer than the first mission. It should take you around 45 minutes to complete if you are playing on a challenging difficulty. For this first time, you will have to fight covenant vehicles (namely Ghosts and banshees) and hunters. You should always keep the loadout of a headshot weapon (either a carbine or a battle rifle) and a plasma pistol except for when you fight the hunters at the end.

You begin this mission having landed from orbit with the loadout of an assault rifle and a magnum. Wreckage from the Forward unto Dawn and covenant ships surround you, including a few covenant weapons. As you walk forward, you will find a plasma pistol next to a grunt carcass, with which you should swap your assault rifle. Circle left around the wreckage and continue forward you until you come to the top of a small cliff. Next to a covenant crate, you will find a 54 ammo carbine, with which you should swap your magnum. You should now have the loadout of a carbine (a headshot weapon) and a plasma pistol, which will allow you to easily kill all of the covenant infantry. Continue down the path though the crevice ahead of you and you will eventually come to multiple Warthogs. In the structure to your left, there is a second Warthog and a battle rifle and assault rifle crate. If you prefer the battle rifle over the carbine, you can swap your carbine for the battle rifle. I suggest that you keep the carbine because it is slightly more accurate, fires faster, and has less recoil. It also has more ammo (keeping in mind that the battle rifle shoots 3-shot bursts).

Enter any of the Warthogs and drive down the path until you reach the covenant outpost ahead. Exit your Warthog at the top of the hill and wait for the phantoms to leave before moving to the right cliff wall. Along the right wall, there is an elevated area with 4 grunts (two with fuel rods) and a jackal sniper in a sniper tower. Use the incline of the grass hill as cover as you climb up to this area, picking off the sniper and fuel rod grunts as soon as possible. It is safest to kill these grunts from a distance because you will have more time to dodge fuel rods. In addition, they will have a very hard time hitting you if you jump around a lot and move sporadically.

If you are playing Co-op: If you are playing with multiple players, you may wish to stay in the Warthog. Obviously, one person should drive and one person should operate the machinegun (a 3rd person can also ride in the Warthog). Wait at the top of the hill until the phantoms leaves before you engage the enemies. Be sure you kill the jackal sniper before he can snipe any of the players out of the Warthog. When fighting fuel rod grunts, drive perpendicular to them so that they have a hard time hitting you. The driver should never try to ram enemies; rather, he should stay far away from the enemies to that the gunner can kill them from a distance.

After you eliminate the enemies on this mini-plateau, move to the left ledge and check for grunts or jackals below you. If you see any, kill them with carbine headshots and back up for cover if necessary. Then, enter the sniper tower to swap your plasma pistol for the jackal sniper’s beam rifle. Because the beam rifle is very accurate and has a 5-10x scope, you can use it to snipe enemies on the other side of the canyon. Walk to the front of the mini-plateau and stand on the decline so that you have a clear shot at the enemies at the far side of the canyon. Use the scope, and you should see 2 – 3 grunts, 1 – 2 jackals, a jackal sniper in a sniper tower, and an elite major. The elite will be operating a plasma turret. The beam rifle is powerful enough to lower ranking elites with only two headshots, and it can obviously kill any light infantry with a single headshot. Kill the elite and the jackal sniper first, then kill any other visible enemies.

If you look off the left side of the mini-plateau again, you should see a Ghost operated by either an elite or a grunt. Use the beam rifle to snipe the enemy out of the Ghost. At this point, you will not need the beam rifle any longer, so look for a covenant crate on the mini-plateau with carbines and plasma pistols. Restock on carbine ammo and swap your beam rifle for a plasma pistol. If you look off the left end of the mini-plateau, you should see an empty Ghost parked against a rock in the middle of the canyon. Enter this Ghost and use it to drive to the back right side of the canyon. Due to the Ghost’s speed and damage resistance, any enemy that has gotten back in the plasma turret will be unable to hit you. Once you reach the rock formation on the back left side of the box canyon, exit your Ghost and survey the remaining enemies around the covenant outpost. Depending on how many enemies you sniped before, you should see an elite and some number of grunts and jackals. Use your carbine to kill all of the light infantry from a distance, including any grunt operating the plasma turret (because of your angle, he will be unable to hit you.) Then, move up to kill the elite by removing his shields with your overcharged plasma pistol and killing him with a carbine headshot.

Exit the box canyon through the crevice in the back. Be prepared for 3 grunt heavies with fuel rods to ambush you after you round the second turn. Move just far enough around the corner that you can shoot the grunts and step back as soon as you see them fire at you. If you take them out one at a time and stay close to the corner, you can kill them safely. Continue through the crevice and you will come to a much larger covenant outpost ahead. In front of you, there is a shallow hill with 3 grunts (one with a fuel rod) and an elite major on top. Walk up the hill so that you can barely see the enemy infantry and begin killing the ones closest to you. For cover, simply walk back down the hill and the curve will protect you.

After you kill all of the infantry directly in front of you, climb to the top of the hill and move to the right wall. On the top of the forerunner structure ahead of you, there is a jackal sniper with a beam rifle. Use the any of the rocks as cover and kill the jackal sniper with a headshot. In front of these rocks, there are 3 – 4 grunts, 1 – 2 jackals, and an elite general with a concussion rifle. It is important that you kill the light infantry first before you engage elite. Otherwise, the grunts and jackals will provide him with covering fire after you remove his shields, preventing you from finishing him with a headshot. (This is a good tactic that you should use whenever possible). Move to the side of the rock pile so that you have a clear shot at one or two grunts at time. This way, the other infantry will be unable to see you, so you can focus all of your attention on the few enemies you are engaging. Continue to reposition yourself in cover behind the rocks to kill all of the light infantry. Now, you can safely engage the elite with an overcharged plasma pistol and carbine headshot.

In order to reach the top of the forerunner structure ahead, you will need climb one of the two ramps located on either side. 4 grunts and 2 jackals guard the right ramp, and 2 grunts and 2 jackals guard the left ramp. Find a pile of rocks a fair distance away from the infantry around the right ramp and use it as cover to pick them off from a distance. It is best to snipe them from farther away because you can easily hit them with your accurate headshot weapon while they will have a very hard time hitting you with their plasma pistols and needlers. Use the ramp to the right that you just cleared to access the second level of the forerunner structure, where there are some more grunts and jackals. Use either the ramp or the room in the middle of the level as cover to kill these light infantry.

In the center of the second level, there is another ramp leading to the third level. There are 2 grunts, 2 jackals, and an elite spec-ops with an energy sword on the third level. Once again, you will need to kill the light infantry before you engage the elite spec ops, so climb to the top of the ramp and begin picking off the grunts and jackals closest to you. If your shields fall, back down the ramp for cover. Once you have killed all of the grunts and jackals, the elite spec ops will charge you with his energy sword. Kill him before he reaches you with a plasma pistol and carbine combination while backing up. Grab his active camouflage armor ability and return to the second level to pick off the enemy infantry guarding the left ramp (you skipped over them before).

Enter the forerunner structure through the door at the top of the tower. Walk to the back wall, where you will find a forerunner cartographer. However, it will mysteriously shut down, so you will need to activate two systems to bring it back online. Head towards the waypoint along the left wall and restock on carbine ammo from the covenant crate along the way. Activate the light bridge in front of the waypoint and use it to cross to the system. As soon as you turn it on, the platform you are on will begin to descend. Immediately jump back onto the light bridge you activated before. This will allow you to move to a better sniping position over the main room with the cartographer. From your vantage point, you should see 7 grunts, 2 jackals, and 2 elites in the main room. Carbine snipe as many of the light infantry as possible from your position before engaging the elites. Because your position is higher up than the enemies, you can simply back up for cover. You can use your active camouflage armor ability while you are sniping so that the enemies have a harder time hitting you. Once only the elites remain, jump down and kill one at a time with a plasma pistol and carbine combination. You can now proceed to restart the second system.

Once again, turn on the light bridge, turn on the system, and jump back onto the light bridge. Now there will be are large number of covenant in the cartographer room, including 2 elites next to the cartographer. Begin by picking off all of the grunts and jackals that you can see from your sniping position. Use any of the structures as cover to push your way over to the other side of the room, killing any infantry you see along the way. Be careful of a jackal sniper with a beam rifle near the cartographer, and kill him as soon as you can. After you successfully push your way to the right side of the room, move to the back right corner where you will have a clear shot at the elites surrounding the cartographer. Use the large columns to your left as cover to kill the elites one at a time. Be sure that you allow your shields to regenerate fully after killing one elite before stepping out of cover to kill the other one. After you kill all of the enemies in the room, restock on carbine ammo from the crate you used before and reactivate the cartographer.

Part 2: A Star to Steer By

You begin this section in a room with a door at the end. Once you walk through this door, it will close permanently behind you. Outside of this door, there is a platform above a bridge occupied by many covenant, including a phantom hovering at your level. Wait for the phantom to leave before walking through the door or else it will kill you. Once it leaves, walk through the door and begin picking off the infantry below from atop the ledge. When the area below you looks clear, jump down onto the bridge.

There are many grunts, jackals, and 2 elites between you 17 wsm ammo  and the end of this bridge segment. Use this strategy to progress along the bridge until you reach the end. Begin by taking cover behind a large structural piece (such as a column or block) far away from the enemies ahead. Pick of as many of the light infantry as you can before moving forward, always staying near some piece of cover. As you get closer to the enemies, you should be able to kill more of them. Once you reach one of the elites, charge your plasma pistol from behind cover, then step out of cover to stun and kill them. By repeating this process, you can push all of the way to the end of the bridge segment. At the end, there is a phantom hovering over the bridge. Therefore, you will need to stay in cover from the phantom as you kill the remaining light infantry and the last elite.

After you kill all of the infantry, the phantom will leave. Look across to the next bridge segment, where you should see a jackal sniper. Kill this sniper now before you cross to the second half of the bridge. Now, use the ramps to the left or the right of the bridge to descend to the catwalk below, which you will use to cross to the other side. On the opposite side of the catwalk, there are 2 grunts, 3 jackals, and an elite major. Find a piece of cover and pick off all of the grunts and jackals with your carbine, then rush across the light bridge to kill the elite with a plasma pistol and carbine combination. You can now ascend to the second half of the bridge.


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