Have you tried Sungold’s flex Glassless Solar Panel?

The flexible TF series are hybrid solar panels with key features such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, higher conversion efficiency, reduced weight, portability, and high power output. Besides, they have no glass cover which makes them easily portable in bulk and for outdoor activities. Glassless solar panels are indeed the new game-changer in rivaling fossil fuels.


Going green and reducing our carbon footprint is the surest way of protecting our planet and making it sustainable for the current and future generations. On the contrary, humans have been insensitive to this in the past years by overusing fossil fuels resulting in climate change and as a result, environmental hazards including drought, famine, unprecedented floods, and depletion of the ozone layer.

Glassed solar panels have not over the years been sufficient to rival nonrenewable sources in terms of cost and ease of use, even though they have been a milestone in the move to reduce carbon footprint. With the unrelenting efforts by Sungold in their self-developed polymer composite material for protecting the photosensitive component of solar panels, the dynamics have changed making solar panels portable, and lighter and with increased power efficiencies enabling them to rival fossil fuels.

Some of the key features of Sungold’s TF series flexible glass-free solar panels include the following:

  1. State-of-the-art design

Since they have no glass cover, their weight is greatly reduced making them more convenient to move in bulk. By percentage, they have reduced weight by up to 75% and reduced thickness by up to 95%, making them convenient for bulk transportation, especially for large-scale suppliers.

  1. They are easy to mount

Sungold’s solar panels are the easiest to mount since there is no equipment required for mounting them. Besides, no penetration is required on the roof since their mounting is just a matter of placing and connecting cables. Most homeowners who have purchased these high-power solar panels from Sungold appreciate them for their up to 40% reduced mounting time compared with the normal glass photovoltaic cells.

  1. They generate more power per pallet

If you have a fixed budget and need a solar module with the highest conversion efficiency, then Sungold’s high-power solar panels should be your first choice. They possess a record-breaking conversion efficiency of up to 23% resulting in the generation of up to 60% more power compared to their rivals.

  1. They have advanced abrasion and corrosion-resistant surface

Without glass protection, one would think that these panels would get damaged easily or could be corroded by rainwater. However, this is not the case. Their surface is made up of composite materials consisting of a polymer and crystalline silicon solar cell, which in turn, is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. You can walk on it with your shoes on without causing any damage.

Why do you need Sungold’s solar panels for camping and offshore operations?

Almost all camping sites are disconnected from the grid and therefore, you need an off-grid power supply for your phone, heating, and entertainment system. Since the TF series flex solar panel from Sungold is portable and with higher power conversion efficiency, it would be of great convenience if you carry them with you. 

About the portable high-power solar panel supplier (Sungold)

Sungold has over the years developed a good reputation in North America and Europe at large. Their introduction of polymer composite material on the panels has been a new revolution in creating glassless weather resistant and high performance solar modules. Currently, they are one of the leading suppliers of high-power solar panels in Asia, North America, and the entire globe at large. To order your first portable flex solar panel, all you need to do is to click on a button and leave the rest to them. You can as well visit their official website at https://www.sungoldsolar.com/ 

About Sungold’s customization service

Nowadays homeowners only need solar panels sufficient for their specific energy needs, with no surplus or less. Sungold offers customization services where your panel would come in your desired shape, size, and output characteristics. For instance, Sungold would customize your TF series flex solar panel to fit on your yacht, roof, or car. You can be sure of a light, thin, and foldable solar panel that would enable you to operate off the grid carbon-free. Check the latest brand series at https://www.sungoldsolar.com/ 

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