Surprising People With a Candy Buffet Arrangement for Your Wedding

A candy buffet is a relatively new concept that has not been heard of a lot. However, arranging a candy buffet could bring in a surprise element and thrill guests attending your wedding. Ministryofhemp This arrangement can also help in reducing your wedding expenditure by cutting down on desserts apart from giving your guests an opportunity of making their own decisions in choosing candies they like most. There are a lot of candy buffet ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding menu. However there are a few ideas that can help you out, namely.

One of the first things that you do when you plan your wedding is to pick out a color theme. Choose the same color on your candy as well. Combining colors like blue and white, pink and red or white and yellow would look excellent on candy buffets. The most uninteresting colors can turn out to be beautiful when it comes to candy buffet decoration.

Though you find a lot of candies based on the wedding theme, it is not mandatory that you pick these candies in particular would. If you are not a marshmallow person or hate the wrapped hearts on your dessert table then you might as well do without it and go in for options that suit you. Choosing gummies and mints are always a trend when it comes to candy buffets. Another very popular option is to opt for chocolates.

Letting the guests scoop out candies in case of smaller candies spread on your buffet makes for a very good idea. You can provide a small container with scoops of candies that the guests can scoop the candies from. You can arrange for small bags to be handed over to the guests so that they can put their candy scoops. The positive side of this arrangement is that you can limit the amount of candies scooped out by a particular person unless a rare person tries to fill more than one bag, which is just a one odd occurrence.

For a group full of people who want just a single piece of candy you can always include some candies that are wrapped, such as lollipops. However, loose candies are the most convenient and fun to have. You can also include flavored candies such as chocolate, peppermint and licorice sticks apart from bags of small candies in them. All these options can be pre packed and are considered cheaper when bought in bulk.

Finally, napkins are very essential to the buffet table because the guest tend to get sticky hands when handling the candy. It is a very good idea to place wipes in a bowl next to the candy buffet.

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