Tips to Prepare to Bringing Home Your New English Bulldog Puppy

Bringing home a new dog is such an exciting time. The French bulldog under $1000  whole family gets involved in the preparation. There are some things you should do to make sure your new English bulldog puppy settles in quickly and starts enjoying his or her new life as a loved member of your family.

It’s very important to plan. Once you’ve visited a breeder and seen all the English bulldog puppies available and made your choice, you will have some idea on when your new family member will be ready to leave the comfort of their mother and start their new life with you. This gives you time to plan and set up the home, so they feel welcome and comfortable from the minute they arrive.

Know exactly where your new family member is going to sleep. Have you bought a bed for them or are you going to crate train? Crate training are effective tool if done properly, so make sure you have all the facts before sticking your new dog in a crate and leaving them for hours on end.

Remember if you choose to crate train, it is a positive experience for the dog, while helping you manage their training in-house in a controlled way. Over time dogs start to see their crate as their own space and will often return to their crate on their own for some quiet time and sleep.

Know where your dog is going to eat, have the bowls ready for arrival. If you intend confining your English bulldog puppy to the kitchen while you train them, buy a child security gate to make sure they cannot escape, but can still see what is going on around the home.

Read up on training English bulldog puppies. By now you’ve probably done a bit of research that helped you decide this is the right breed for you and your family. These are stubborn dogs and training them takes time, patience and a calm attitude. Decide among the family who is going to feed the dog, who is going to walk him or her and who is going to carry out the training exercises.

Start training the minute you bring your English bulldog puppy home. Remember you want to use positive reinforcement, getting frustrated and angry isn’t going to help you do success with your new dog. Be calm, start correcting them straight away, this improves the chances of training in general.

Dogs are loyal animals and want to please their owners. They learn words and also gestures. Smacking a dog that doesn’t listen is only going to confuse the dog, so make sure you only praise them when they do the right thing, such as use newspaper as a toilet and not the new carpet, such as.

Socialization is exceptionally important with any new dog, especially English bulldog puppies. You want to introduce them to other pets in the home and children as soon as possible, get them used to sharing their space and how to act around children and other pets. After vaccination make sure you take them to the park to meet other dogs, this is an essential step and can cut the risk of your dog being unfriendly towards other dogs.

By now you should have a local vet in mind and have arranged for their vaccinations. You will also want to plan to have them spayed or neutered once they are six months to cut the risk of puppies being born.

Pets are expensive and they cost money in food and vet bills, make sure you take out adequate pet insurance to help you pay towards expensive and unexpected vet bills so you know you are giving your dog the best possible care.


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