Vampire Movies Are Hot at the Box Office

The popularity of the Twilight movie series lately has sparked a renewed interest in all things vampire. Even if you are not a fan of the book or movie series, you can’t miss them all over television and in the news. It began as a figment of imagination many years ago, and has now become a movie genre with fans all over the world.

The legend of vampires has existed for centuries all across the globe. Said to be evil spirits, demons, witches, or ghosts, vampires were told to live by consuming human blood. The frightening shadowy creature with fangs, possibly came from a core fear of the unknown which even today exists in most peoples’ minds. Almost all cultures have vampire stories and the entertainment industry has made millions on this terrifying tale.

The best known and most seen vampire of all time is of course, Dracula. Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of Dracula in 1931 was the beginning of the vampire movie empire, which carries on extensively today. Many books, movies, and television shows have told vampire tales in all sorts of variations.


Even though we think of Dracula as getting the ball rolling, a film produced in 1922 called Nosferatu is most likely the true origin of all vampire movies. Starring Max Schreck, this was a silent move made in Germany. It told the tale of Braum Stoker’s novel, which has been published in over 150 versions. Many experts in the vampire movie industry consistently rate Nosferatu in the top-ten in the genre.

Although there is some variety among vampire movies these days, some of the basic elements are the same. Of course, the vampire is usually the dreaded main character. All vampires need a good vampire hunter to create a story as well. According to the legends, it is commonly seen that vampires can only be killed by a wooden stake through their hearts, can’t go out in the sunlight, have no reflection and are afraid of holy water and crucifixes.

These early horror films had a much narrower audience than vampire movies today. Films such as The Lost Boys, Blade, Braum Stoker’s Dracula and Van Helsing have attracted people who may not have been into vampire movies before. Involving a tragic love story with the vampire legend is a good fit for moviegoers everywhere. Mix in a few handsome actors, and these movies are now a popular mainstream genre.

Although the basic plot of vampires in the movies is the same, worldwide film producers are constantly working to give viewers a unique take on this classic story. With more than one hundred fifty films made about him, it has been said that Dracula has been the subject of more films than any other fictional character. Upcoming releases such as Midnight Son and sequels in the Twilight series will continue to grow the vampire film industry. As more and more vampire movies are made, more and more viewers will find themselves going to the theater to watch the latest vampire story come to life.

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