Why Your Camouflaged Hunting Clothes Are Crucial For Your Hunting Success

As a successful hunter, one of your most important belongings is your camouflaged (camo) hunting clothes. This may seem odd to you but camouflage hunting clothes actually play a crucial role in a successful hunt. This article explains why camo hunting clothes may make or break your hunting trip and how you should take care of them.

Ever noticed how animals are naturally https://ammoshopinc.com/product/hornady-american-whitetail-30-06-springfield-150-grain-interlock-sp-500-rounds/  blended into their environment? Take the tiger, one of the most powerful predators on earth. The tiger’s stripes blend with their jungle surrounding, giving them a natural camouflage. Camouflaging is vital because it breaks your outline and make you less visible to your prey (or predator as the case may be) – you can say it is “hiding in plain sight”.

It is the same with the hunter. Camo clothings are made to simulate the various surroundings that a hunter hunts in, from dense underbrush to wetland grass. Camouflaging effectively breaks the out-line of the hunter in the wild. But note that this solves only part of the problem for the hunter because some animals can still sense their predators by movement. Therefore, combining stealthy movement with camouflaging is a valuable skill for a hunter to have.

The reason why companies spend an enormous amount of time and energy creating and selling realistic camouflaged hunting attire is that these are in big demand by hunters in the know. Whether one hunts elks or bears, there is a pattern available in a number of different clothing options.

So before you go hunting, make sure you get the right camo hunting clothes. If you are intending to go duck hunting, don’t go and buy a set of camo clothes for deer hunting. You may just give yourself away even before the fun starts!

The are also shirts and pants of all cuts and styles available, not to mention hats, gloves, coats, shoes, coveralls and hunting accessories with matching camouflage patterns too. You can try these if it fits your budget but they are probably not as important as your camouflaged hunting clothes.

But how do you care for your precious camouflaged hunting clothes so as to prolong their usage in the field? There are 2 points you need to remember and do :-

1) You should wash your camo hunting clothings in scentless soap with no UV brighteners. UV wavelengths caused by dyes in certain fabrics can make a camouflage pattern more visible to game. Some special detergents made for hunting clothes ensure that these UV wavelengths will be absorbed rather that bounce off in a manner visible to certain types of game. These detergents are also made to prevent fading so your camo hunting clothes can last longer in the field.

2) You should also store your hunting camouflaged hunting clothes in airtight bags so as to keep them free from man made odors. This is important because some preys have strong sense of smell and can detect a human from far away.

So that’s it. Make sure that you shop for the right camo hunting attire before you go hunting the next time. And remember the above 2 points in caring for them too.


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